Saturday, October 30, 2010

Restaurant Review - Joe's Crab Shack

Location: Downtown Nashville
Items Ordered: Chicken Tenders

Yes, I ordered chicken at a seafood restaurant. One would expect any good restaurant to be flexible and adapt to a variety of meals, but Joe's only meets me halfway there. The fries I got tasted liek they were cooked along with the lobster, and the size of the plate itself was a little lacking. Overall, I really did enjoy the taste of the chicken. It was fully cooked and generously breaded, but the barbecue sauce cup was not nearly enough for someone who loves to smother their tenders.

The employees were all in costume. I was served by a man dressed up as a character from the movie The Hangover who was brave enough to carry around dishes without killing the baby doll on his belly. He was pretty prompt for the most part and since the restaurant was slow he kept us company without compromising speed.

The place was immaculately clean.

(By the way, if any of you ladies who worked there are reading this... I would love to compliment you and perhaps we could have intense, sweaty sex while you're in costume.)

I give this place a 8/10 and I would definitely go again if parking wasn't such a bitch.

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