Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My thoughts on WoW

Warning: Senseless ramble.

I started playing WoW in fall of 2007. Being a noob was quite simply the most magical experience in video gaming. Traveling through the elven areas, Darkshore and Ashenvale specifically, felt adventurous. Traveling to Stormwind was an achievement of it's own.

But then, I began raiding. It felt really good to group up with a bunch of people and kill bosses, but that novelty died down hard.

I leveled up a new character, and it felt like a chore. Everything in the game felt like a chore. Battlegrounds got boring quickly, and PvP was unbalanced. It's impossible to balance a multi-class MMO because gear is changing constantly, and all tiers must be balanced. I chose to avoid that altogether and play other video games.

I took a couple breaks which lasted months at a time.

I came back, and nothing changed. You still kill monsters to get gear to kill bigger monsters. I just don't see the appeal to it. Sometimes you have to press different buttons, or stand in different places, but there are some people who have been doing it for 6 years. Are they crazy?

Maybe our tastes just differ.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alright, MC is starting to spook me once again.

Picture 1: I had caught a glimpse of a light illuminating in the distance. When I went to take a screenshot, it had disappeared.

Picture 2: When I went away, and back to it, I caught a glimpse of the light source again and managed to take a picture.

Picture 3: Oh shit.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trying to stream MC

The following is a recording i made today.

As you can see, it's at like 2 frames per second.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Minecraft Day 2

This will be kind of short. I am still finding a texture pack I like.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Minecraft World!

I am a very old Minecraft player, from when the game was limited in a box, but also had much deeper worlds to explore. The game has improved a lot since then, perhaps a bit too much. I haven't played in a couple of patches, so I thought it would be refreshing to create a whole new world.

This is a screenshot of my spawn position. I am using the Painterly Pack.

I began by marking my spawn tile spot. I play MC on Hard, and play it like an exploration and creation game. Coal is my first prerogative. After surveying the spawn area, I found that mining behind my spawn was the best course of action. I hit Iron shortly after.

After traveling for a minute, I found coal.

Night began to set, and I made a little hut. The first night house, as I call it.

This is how I open my Minecraft games: Finding coal and getting a hut down. After night set I changed my textures back to default, but it's not because Painterly is bad, it just didn't fit my taste. I used the customizer.

I won't update this every day but to show off awesome creations.

I now leave you with this, from a game a long time ago.