Friday, October 1, 2010

Red robin review

Tonight, I ate dinner at the Red Robin restaurant in Hendersonville, TN. Red Robin is known for hamburgers and spirits. I don't drink alcohol, and I am not a ghost person, so I cannot really evaluate their spirits part. I am familiar with their hamburgers, but I don't really fancy it up.

The items I ordered were Buzzard Wings (As an appetizer) and a Natural Burger (And with my options, I got Whole Grain buns and I ordered a slice of cheddar cheese).

Buzzard Wings
First off, not much to say except they were expensive as shit. But, I must counter with the fact that they were all drumstick pieces. This gets major points in my book. The wings came out rather dry, and tasted a little too salty. Let's see what the... OH GOD

1750 grams of sodium. What the shit? No wonder they tasted a little salty.

I give the wings 7/10 overall. I will not be ordering them again, however.

Natural Burger
It tasted really good. I have no complaints at all.

This nutrition browser on the website is a huge pain in the ass, though.

I give the burger 8/10

To wash it all down, I had many glasses of sweet tea. My waitress (and I don't know if it would be appropriate to name her) did a very very good job overall with the service, but she needs to slow down on those ice cubes.

I have a complaint about the bathroom. It was like a water park.

Overall Experience: 8/10


  1. Red Robin is usually expensive as fuck. I usually get in, get my Whisky River BBQ, Oreo Shake and Steak Fries and get the hell out.

  2. That fucking bird is going to seek you out and strike at you!

  3. That's not very many calories for a burger, sounds good. I haven't had Red Robin in a long time.

  4. So is there 600mg sodium in 2oz of the dressing?

  5. Lol, was there a waterslide in the bathroom?

  6. Wet bathrooms are indeed disgusting.

  7. very nice
    i like it
    supportin !

  8. I thought all bathrooms were meant to be waterparks? And i want a burger now...thanks