Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Food Review 2

This morning, I am preparing myself one of these:

(As usual you can click for a bigger picture)

The Jimmy Dean logo has a J shaped like a boot, which is fitting seeing as how he's branded as a cowboy or something. If I talk about this some more it would just be a rant I don't want to get to, since this is a food review!

How I prepared it:
I kept the croissants in the plastic (Removed the cover) and microwaved for two minutes.

And what the hell is THIS? It's like a cheese tumor.

The croissants themselves kind of came out stiff when bit into.

The best part was the sausage. As you know, Jimmy Dean sausage is pretty reputable and it certainly wasn't a disappointment, but it felt weird in the low quality of the rest of the croissant. However, the entire dish works as a quickly prepared breakfast dish if you need to get to work quickly. And if they have clean restrooms.

I rate it 6 cheese tumors out of 10.

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  1. aw it s mouthwatering :)) but srsly it tastes grate